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The answers to all your questions can be found here—through this ancient and revered practice, which has its roots in the three thousand year old I Ching (the Book of Changes). When troubled with problems, the Chinese would visit the temple and shake a cylindrical bamboo container, which holds numerous flat sticks with numbers inscribed on them. The single stick that falls out describes the will of the gods.

In this modern-day application, you would now have instant access to what fate has in store for you.

Enter the world of fortune telling and be amazed at what you will learn about your future—and yourself.

Key features
  • Instant and easy access to your fate and fortune
  • Beautiful 3D graphics to enhance your divination experience
  • Realistic simulation of shaking the container for your fortune stick
  • Easy reading of your fortune by categorizing each lot’s revelations into: General, Love, Work, Wellness and Wealth
  • Range of choices available for you to change the application’s theme
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Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later


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